Ful-filled? Half-filled? Or No Fill? (Route To Fulfilment)


Are you living a life that is meaningful, fulfilling? Ever wondered what fulfilment is really about? And more importantly, how to even get there amidst everything that you have to do?

Fulfilment is a widely discussed topic, but it seems to be something only the lucky ones could achieve. Or… Is that really the case?

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs can give us an insight on it. Maslow's theory suggests that when our basic level of needs are met, our desires for the secondary or higher level needs will start to open up. That’s when we strive for more meanings in life and look for fulfilment in life. This is also what makes our life worthwhile.

But, what does it really mean to be fulfilled, especially in the modern days when there are so much to do and to explore? Just doing what we are good at doesn’t really fulfil us anymore.

What if, there is a formula to it?

What if, you can find your own formula to your fulfilment?

This is where coaching comes in. Through coaching, you can identify what fulfilment is for you, what are blocking you from getting the fulfilment, and how to BREAK PAST the current barriers to attain fulfilment. And there is more. You will have a chance to meet with life coaches to explore how fulfilment can be for you!

Join Mei Yee, Professional Certified Coach, and Su-Ann, a Business Owner, as they guides you along to:

· Explore the challenges & obstacles you face

· Decode your personal fulfillment formula

· Craft formulas to succeed in the key domains of your life

· Catalyse your formula to leading a worthy life

· Ignite the passion & drive in you for your life

And the cost to you for attending this event? Absolutely FREE, because this workshop is a preview to the transformative power of life coaching and introduction to The Courage to Create program, a 2-month life coaching program designed to transform lives (More information at www.liveyourmark.org).


Due to limited space, entry by RSVP only. Pls reserve and confirm your attendance HERE.


Loo Mei Yee General Manager, ECI; Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Mei Yee, an established life coach in relationship development and training, helms the overall operations at ECI. Warm, understanding, firm and extremely supportive in her clients' growth, Mei Yee empowers her clients in achieving their dreams and goals with unwavering determination in career advancement, health and vitality improvement, and emotional mastery.

Su-Ann Phillips Business Owner; Writer

As a writer, business-owner, 8-year old mum, Su-Ann draws fulfilment from evolving her life such that she can better what she is good at. "Being a life coach is humbling. Each time I see clients take action to unfold their true potential and manifest it as reality into their lives, it serves as a reminder to me what makes life worth living”.

If you interested to break past the barriers and start working towards fulfilment, this is a chance! RSVP your seats HERE now!

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Tue Nov 17, 2015
7:10 PM - 10:10 PM SGT
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